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Marijuana Licenses

This is the heart of Project Cintegration.

Marijuana Licenses are split into three types:  Retail, Producer/Processor, and Research.  
You will hear many people, including ourselves, refer to "buying" and "selling" licenses.  
This is not, however, accurate.  We use the terms "buying" and "selling" to describe the license assumption process in more colloquial terms.  All Marijuana licenses in the State of Washington are wholly owned by the State of Washington.  There is no way to actually purchase a license and enjoy the usual protections and guarantees of ownership of property.  Think of Marijuana licenses as "leasing" them, and you are paying the current lease holder to take over the lease.

Since the State of Washington is not in the business of producing, processing and retailing marijuana, it designates someone to control the license.  The State of Washington can revoke the license after three infractions (violations of State Regulation).  The State picked the original controllers of the licenses by lottery and application approval process in 2014.  This process is continuing today in the form of original designated controllers still trying to find an appropriate location, or waiting for a local County or City to give them business licenses.  In some cases, some people are trying to get additional financing to continue operations. 

Once these original designated controllers pass "final inspection" by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, the licenses are fully in that person's control for ONE year.  Every year, the license must be approved for another year of operation by the WSLCB.  Once a person is in control of the license, however, he or she has the power to transfer their control to another person.  
This is called a license assumption.  Technically, it is not a sale.  

As a "Buyer," you will become the person in charge of the license.  It is not, however, up to the controller of the license who can be in control of the license next.  As a "Buyer," you will need to pass a background check, financial screening, have a business plan and demonstrate general competency with the WSLCB before the approve your assumption of the license.  This is called "vetting."  
The most common issue in assumptions in financials:  can you show that your money came from a legal source?  The point is, you need more than money and a willing "Seller" to assume a Marijuana Licenses in the State of Washington.  

Assuming a Marijuana License in the State of Washington is a complicated process and we at Phi Consulting have found the best practices to successfully assume a Marijuana license in the State of Washington.  We vet you in the same way that the WSLCB will, we handle the whole process for you and all of our services are covered in the price of the license assumption ("Purchase Price").  
We have currently administrated 12 licenses assumptions, one of the highest in the State, and we have never had a failed license assumption.

We cant wait to help you.  The first thing you will need to do is fill out a "Client Intake" form.
This will allow us to vet you and make a plan for you. Fill out the Client Intake Form here:

​The next thing you will need to do is Download the Letter of Intent form, sign it and email it to

[email protected] with the subject line "LOI."  
The Letter of Intent shows good faith that you are serious in buying a license.  

The last thing you will need to do is make your client intake deposit of $5,000.  
The FULL AMOUNT will be applied toward your license assumption.  Click the button next to the "Client Intake" form to make your deposit.  Please see the "Client Intake" document itself to see the refund policy.  We can't wait to help you achieve your dream, thanks for letting us be a part of it!